Day 21: Triple dinner

Today the sun was shining and we wanted to pack in lots of random things. We started with our usual breakfast from the konbini but for lunch and dinner we switched it up a bit.

We walked down to an area called Shinsaibashi which is know for all of the streets of shops. We weren’t there to shop however, we were there to eat. Joseph led us to a tall narrow building where tucked away on the fourth floor was a yummy Mexican restaurant called El Pancho. While I hadn’t expected to eat Mexican while we were in Japan, it was delicious!

Admittedly we did do a small amount of shopping after lunch, but in our defence it was at a second hand store and it was just a couple of books to read while we continued in our travels.

After that we made use of our JR pass for the very last time, taking the train to the Nada district in Kobe. Once there we coincidentally stumbled across another second hand store, Joseph must have been in charge of directions.

The real reason we went to Nada was to have a look at a sake brewery. The one that we had been told to check out was the Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum. Once there we wandered through the museum section of the brewery and watched English videos about how sake was made when they first opened, in comparison to how it is made today. After walking through the museum we were able to taste a few different sakes and even got a sake flavoured soft serve for the hot walk back to the train.

That evening we decided to go back to Dotonbori so that I could have the chance to see it all lit up. It was crazy! Huge models of puffer fish, crabs, octopus and so forth up on the sides of buildings. So many bright lights. So noisy. So many different smells!

The first place we visited for food was the kushikatsu where you get different things fried on a skewer and you dip it (only once!) in the special sauce. We tried a few things such as lotus root, sweet potato, cheese, and red ginger.

After that we wandered around for a while before having some takoyaki (octopus balls). They’re so good but I always forget to wait and let them cool down before trying to eat them!

Finally we had meal number 3, ramen. We opted for a ramen topped with fried vegges in an attempt to lessen the meat intake given that it was a meat based broth. Nonetheless, we enjoyed the meal. When in Rome!



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