Day 20: Deer oh deer

This morning got off to a bit of slower start with Joseph’s ankle giving him some grief with all the walking we’ve been doing. Thankfully it wasn’t too bad so we headed off to Nara Park to do some deer shooting (photography not guns).

Nara was a gorgeous spot, packed with tourists and their more outgoing counterparts, the deer. The deer were seemingly in charge of the area, roaming anywhere they wished. Some stores sold rice crackers specifically for the deer which they thoroughly enjoyed. Joseph and I had snacks too, trying fresh large rice crackers with amazing spices, and fresh warm mochi filled with red bean paste.

After dealing with the numerous human and deer obstacles we made it to the Todaiji Temple which is home to a giant Buddha (15m tall!) . It was an awe inspiring experience to see just how intricate such a huge statue could be.

That evening we went out for dinner with two lovely guys who Joseph had met through mutual friends in Tokyo. Bill and Juho had both been living in Japan for many, many years and knew exactly where to take us.

We started out at an incredible fish restaurant where there were no pictures and our google translate app would most certainly not have worked (Joseph even tested it). The fresh sashimi was incredible, along with the many other interesting dishes they ordered. After that we went around the corner to Beer Belly, a craft beer spot in Osaka which made some delicious brews.


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