Day 19: Final stop in Japan

Today we packed up our things and took the bullet train up to Osaka, our final stop in Japan. Just the thought of that makes me sad!

We navigated the subway systems and made our way to the Osaka castle and gardens. The tiny dogs were out in force as it was a Sunday, and unfortunately so was the loud music being played out of Nationalist party vans doing loops around the block.

From there we headed to the Umeda a Sky Builing where we ventured up 173m. To get there you take an escalator to the 3rd floor, then a glass lift to the 39th Floor and then glass escalator to the 40th Floor. Joseph wasn’t game to head up to the open air roof so I went up by myself. It was a pretty incredible feeling to be up that high and walk around in the open taking in 360 degree views of Osaka.

By the time the sun set it had started to pour with rain again. Nonetheless, we ventured out to the Dotonburi area to see the lights along the canal. It was quieter than usual due to the weather, the running man wasn’t even lit up. We made our way to an affordable sushi train restaurant for dinner where I drank one cup sake and we ate lots and lots of delicious sushi. It’s hard not to when it’s ¥100 a plate!


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