Day 16: Western Art

Today was meant to be another wet one so instead of cycling, we visited Kurashiki by train and wandered around the Bikan Quarter. It had beautiful canals with weeping willows, and even a few swans.

We visited the Ohara Museum of Art and saw some work by the old masters. As the first museum of western art in Japan it had quite the collection. It held pieces by Picasso, Renoir, Kandinsky, Monet, and many more. It was incredible how close you could get to each piece, a very special experience.

We wandered around the canals to Ivy Square, another building covered in ivy. We sampled some of the tasty things on the street before stopping at a tea house where I had the “cream red bean soup”. While that doesn’t sound delicious it really was. It had a layer of red beans, then shaved ice, topped with a scoop of ice cream and two plain mochi. It wasn’t too sweet but it was lovely and cold.

On the way home we visited another second hand store for Joseph to look around. There were some incredible bargains, it would be ideal if you lived here and needed to set up your house from scratch!

For dinner we found a totally random restaurant underground where we drank beers and tried other random food including savoury mochi with a tomato based sauce and cheese. Early night tonight as we’re off cycling in the morning.


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